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What is moonlight but a reflection of the sun? What is your soul but a reflection of the One?

– Adam Siddiq

Adam Siddiq is a multi-award-winning Afghan author of six books with more to come. His first book, SHACKLED: A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom, recounts the story and suppressed Afghan history that led a promising sovereign nation’s internal collapse from a tyrannical takeover. Khaled Siddiq “Charkhi”, Adam’s grandfather, was imprisoned at only six-years-old with his entire family after his uncles were executed, along with their teenage sons, for being the right-hand men to King Amanullah Khan. SHACKLED has been the honored recipient of over a dozen literary awards.

Adam is a social media savvy content expert who’s played a role in growing a number of platforms with engaging content to reach millions of people organically, including several of his own. He’s the Founder of @RumiQuotesOfficial and the Host of Rumi Poems with Adam Siddiq podcast which has been listened to millions of times.

Adam’s next great venture is TBG195.

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