Increasing Your Productivity; What It’s Really All About

Productivity is not measured in hours…productivity is measured in results.

What’d you produce today? How have you added value in your life? Have you added value in the lives of others today? How did you add value to the planet today?

Increasing our productivity is not about how much time we spend on an activity. There’s a myth that a 40 hour work week is a productive work week, and that working 80 hours plus means you’re really productive. It’s not though. We can spend time going through the motions, checking Facebook, doing the same things that get us average results in 40 hours. We can also masterfully focus for 10 hours a week and get more done the other way around.

The ultimate factor for productivity doesn’t come down to the amount of time you’ve worked. Increasing productivity could be as simple as checking out sites like to find a solution to manage the paperwork in the office more effectively. Clutter can kill productivity, so having a clean office can make such a big difference. Anyway, time is a measuring tool and we can use the time to measure the quality and quantity of the progress we make. You may even have a list of things you want to achieve. For you, maybe the level of productivity is measured by the amount of tasks you can tick off. I came to think about productivity when a friend of mine mentioned how when she was advised to book her construction training courses through sites such as She began to think about how this benefited both her and the company. By getting the staff to go on training courses, this ensured that they were trained on their job, as well as keeping the productivity level high at work. Once the team had been trained, they would become aware of how to avoid accidents in the workplace. We all measure productivity differently and it can benefit more than one person at a time. Regardless of whether you measure productivity at work or at home, taking your time in fulfilling your tasks is essential. Time can be our ally to optimise our results based on what we measure and tweak. What increasing our productivity is really all about is accomplishing results.

Tweetable: “Productivity is not about how many hours you worked…it’s about the results you’ve produced.” – Adam Siddiq

One person can work 40 hours and achieve the same results that someone else can in 5 hours. How? The latter person was focused on the result, they were fueled with purpose and they took the most strategic actions to achieve their result most efficiently. They have utilised all of the services they are provided especially if these services are integrated and allow them to increase their efficiency (click here to learn more about salesforce app integrations). The former person was focused on the motions, doing stuff off their to-do list without a clear focus on the result they really wanted. Having a clear focus on the end result is key to being successful. They weren’t distracted at any point and had a clear will to get the job finished. Take David Zalslav for example, he focused on his end goal and is now the CEO of Discovery Communications.

[quote author=”Tim Ferris” source=””]Focus on being productivity instead of busy.

If you could achieve the same results that would’ve taken you 40 hours in 5 hours, would you do it? Then let’s focused on the specific results we’re after. We can get clear on our most important results by first focusing on our vision. When we know the grand picture of what we want our life to be about, what our business is here to accomplish, the relationships and experiences we want to create and enjoy, we can make the best decisions to bring our vision into reality.

Also, we get a sense of what the most important results we must focus on are when we chunk down backwards…as if our starting point is the future vision and we’re incrementally going backwards in time until we get to this present moment.

increase your productivity. create a vision and bring it into action, one step at a time.

Chunking is an amazing strategy to take something huge like a vision and make it into small, easily achievable steps. How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time. How do you create your vision? One step at a time.

Chunking down from my vision is a strategy I use regularly in my life and it’s profoundly increased the quality of my productivity and results. During peak performance coaching sessions, I often walk my coaching clients through an integrated exercise where they feel their vision as if it’s here now and they chunk it down backwards into action steps. Often times this can be the difference between feeling stuck and confused to focused, empowered and in flow.

Now, let’s bring this into action:

  1. What’s your grand vision? What are you passionate about creating, experiencing and enjoying here on Earth? What are the gifts you want to bring to the world? What excites you and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? What’s a vision that will fill your life with purpose and meaning?
  2. Chunking from the grand vision backwards…what are some of the most important results you need to focus on now? And what are the most important results to focus on a step ahead? And a step ahead?
  3. What are the most strategic actions to take to accomplish your results?
  4. How can you get resourceful and leverage your time through delegating tasks, your strengths to your advantage, and chunking actions together?
  5. Who can you partner up with for accountability so they hold you at the standard of your grand vision every day? How often will you have accountability check-ins to make sure you are on track with your results?
  6. How will you celebrate each victory along the way?

These 6 steps are part of the 7 things you need to make it big. Refer to them as often as you need to so that you can increase your productivity, create amazing results, bring your vision to life and live your epic life!

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