ABUNDANCE is creating from GIVING

Ever felt like something was taken away from you? Like something was withheld from you…whether it was growing up as a child or even still now?

Guess what…you are being sensitized for what it feels like to know what it’s like NOT to have that: community, passion, joy, human rights, acknowledgement, love.


So you can GIVE that to others, and be of SERVICE for the world. As you give what was withheld from you, you experience that..and so do others. This is how abundance is generated.


Now I’ve got a challenge for you…

Whatever it is you’ve felt has been lacking in your life…be it community, friendship, family, love, acceptance, care, acknowledgment, or feeling heard…give that gift to 3 people today.

Give the gift you’ve felt wasn’t given to you, and you will have that and so will others so long as you continue focusing on giving.

And before you do it, share the gifts you will give in the comments below! I want to hear and support you in creating more abundance in this beautiful world.

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Cheers to The Soulfully Optimized Life!