From Depression To Motivating Millions On YouTube with CJ Chan

I was on YouTube one day and a recommended channel popped-up by the name of CJ Chan.

I saw some really cool pictures with motivational words in cool font, and that was enough to attract me to click on some videos.

What I saw next was epic…

There’s a lot of great motivational videos on YouTube, and something about the way CJ made his videos stood out to me.

He poured so much heart into it.

When I checked out his channel, one thing that stood out to me was he had over 100 motivational videos…all created in the span of 6 months.

6 months!

When you look at other motivational video channels, especially the biggest ones that have been out for a few years, many of them barely have 20 videos.

And CJ had produced over 100 motivational videos in under a year!

Not just that, he produced epic motivational videos…piecing together amazing audio and video that to this date has motivated over 5 million people to breakthrough the obstacles in their life and expand their potential.

When I saw this, I knew I had to connect with CJ…and when I did, I knew this guy had to be featured on The Soulfully Optimized Life.

Here’s what’s really interesting about CJ…

  • What motivated him to start was his struggles with depression
  • At one point he made 50 motivational videos in 30 days
  • He’s finishing high school right now in Belgium

In the episode below, you’ll…

  • Get inspired by CJ’s story of using depression as jet fuel to create his motivational video empire
  • Learn the power of full immersive content creation
  • Hear how one simple compliment can massively empower someone

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Did you enjoy this episode?

I want to hear: when was a time you used your pain to motivate you for greatness?