How Spraining My Ankle Made Me Trust In Time

It was 7:33pm. I was rolling around the ground in shock as I felt the heat and numbness rise in my foot.

I was playing indoor soccer and had just done a one-two pass with my teammate and I had a clear opening to score a goal…except I slipped on the turf, my toes bent back and ankle twisted to the left.

I wasn’t in intense pain, more shock. I haven’t experienced an injury like this for years. And then I realized the gift spontaneously…

Before I left for soccer, I was conscious that for the past two months I had been feeling like I wasn’t making progress fast enough…like things were happening too slow and that I was getting frustrated often.

In other words, I was not trusting the divine timing of the Universe.

Since my dad and I are very conscious of how the way we live our lives directly influences each other (regardless if we’re on opposite sides of the world with no contact), I asked him how he felt about time.

He paused. Looked down. Looked up at me. And then he said, “Faster, faster, faster!”

I chuckled at the realization that this pattern went beyond just me in my family.

When he left, I said to myself, “Whatever must happen…whatever I must experience…I call it forth so that I can change this pattern from feeling frustrated consistently to being in perfect flow with the synchronicity and timing of everything.”

Two hours later I had the injury on the soccer field, and I realized immediately that this was what I called forth.

After I got up, I hopped my way to my car and got in to drive home. I thought to myself on my way home that perhaps I should consult heartland podiatry or my local clinic for medical assistance. I soon realized that there was a sweet spot point for me to put enough pressure with my foot to accelerate or brake where I wouldn’t feel any pain. That sweet spot also happened to be the perfect pace to sync and flow with traffic.

I wasn’t always the most graceful driver. Family and friends have said in the past that I drive too close to the other cars, that there’s no rush needed, that I need to slow down a bit.

Now, I am though. Thanks to the gifts that came from the experience on the soccer field.

Here’s where it gets trippy. Ever since I had the injury on the field, every time I look at the clock…I see 11s…multiples of 11s…matching digits.

And its when I spontaneously look at the clock, and it happens ALL THE TIME.

What’s this mean? To me…its a reminder that I’m trusting the timing of everything, because I am and it feels purely amazing!

Now, tune in below to hear the full story!

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Now, I want to hear from you…

When was a time you discovered the gift in pain?

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