Problem, Opportunity Or Gift?

In your life right now, are you presented with a problem…an opportunity…or a gift?

Are you facing a problem in your life right now? Is it a problem that you’re in traffic and that you’re going to be late to your appointment? Or might it be an opportunity to listen to an educational podcast? Or might it have been a gift all along because when you decided to roll down your window and talk to the person in the neighboring car to your left, that unleashed a great conversation which led to a great friendship, which later led to a great business partnership where you both created an organization to support 100,000 families in using advanced gardening technologies to lead healthier lives.

So I don’t know if those exact string of details has happened to somebody, but regardless of the business partnership…what if you were to meet your lover because of a life interruption (or redirection)? Or, what if you were presented with an opportunity to solve a challenge you are faced with so nobody else has to ever go through it again? Rosa Parks did that, and she’s played a very significant role in how civil rights were shaped in the US because of it.

Whatever it is you are experiencing in your life, you have the choice to define what it means to you.


How you define your experience…be it a problem, opportunity or a gift…impacts your resourcefulness and the energy you show up with.

When you’re faced with a problem, crisis, or tragedy…you’re experiencing a poor energy level.

When you’re faced with an opportunity, you may notice that you have more resources and energy available to you than when you’re faced with a problem or a crisis. When you’re presented with a gift, you are filled with joy, excitement, gratitude and love…and that’s where we feel most energized and alive.

So, what is it? Are you confronted with a problem, an opportunity, or a gift? Choose wisely.

2 thoughts on “Problem, Opportunity Or Gift?

  1. Eli

    Fascinating isn’t it? That’s why I love what I’m providing people with REBOOT™ Care here in LA!

  2. Vishnu

    This is absolutely true and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing!!

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