Life: A Game Or A Gift?

Life is a game when it’s lived through the head. Life is a gift when it’s lived through the heart.

Where do you lead your life from — your head or your heart? Clearly we don’t neglect one or the other, and there is a stronger focus on the Mind as the intelligence to lead with as opposed to the Soul. In fact, the Mind is what’s conditionally rewarded for it’s achievements throughout majority of the world’s academic systems, businesses and sports.

The Mind is what separates; the Soul is what unifies.

The Mind creates boundaries, structures, rules, values and a vision; the Soul experiences love, joy, peace, gratitude, passion, emptiness, fulfillment and rapture. The Soul (the heart of who we are) is what inspires us. The Soul calls to us to live on purpose, share our gifts, embrace the unknown for the epic journey we know we’re meant for. The Soul creates radically powerful change gracefully.

I’m not suggesting starving the Mind, the ego, because starving anything only creates a greater hunger. I’m suggesting to respect and honor the Mind and to fuel it through the Soul, your heart. For more info, check out this awesome video from the HeartMathInstitute on the power of our heart’s intuitive intelligence.

Majority of the business world is played solely in the Mind. The Mind is a great place to pause and see situations and scenarios in different aspects, however it can lead us astray from what really fulfills us…especially since the Mind is what creates scarcity.

When we’re operating from seeing the world in scarcity, we’re in survivor mode.


We’re more stressed, worried, fearful and angry about our finances, relationships, health and business. We may blame the economy, our co-workers, the weather, our significant other. We seemingly continue to attract more experiences that make us believe in the illusion of scarcity. And we focus more on how we can get what we want rather than give what we have.

When we see the world and trust in it’s abundance, we’re in thriver mode.


Opportunities are limitless everywhere. Problems don’t exist, there’s just opportunities to grow. In fact, we want more of them…because we love to grow. We’re more alive, energized, fulfilled and joyful when we trust in abundance. We seemingly keep attracting more experiences that reinforce our perceptions of abundance. And we focus on how we can give rather than how we can take.

[quote author=”Adam Siddiq” source=””]The best in us shows up when we feel abundant.

From the Mind, we’ll always want more. From the heart, we appreciate what is. Our greatest resource becomes our resourcefulness and we trust that there’s always so much more available, and that’s abundance.

Lead with your heart. Let your Soul fuel your Mind so that you have inspired feelings, actions and thoughts. That’s when life becomes purpose-inspired and integrated with epic strategies. That’s the premise of the Soulfully Optimized life. And that’s when life becomes a gift no matter what game you play.

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