From Misfit Teen Entrepreneur To Founder Of U30 Changemakers

Some of the older generations often think of Millennials as lazy, spoiled, rebellious, and entitled.

When you meet someone like Tara Byrne, you really see the huge gifts that our generation brings: innovation and diverse community.

At 13 years old she knew the traditional academic path wasn’t for her and had already made the decision not to go to college. Instead, Tara put her focus on innovation and created a dozen businesses from the ages of 15 to 18 with her first business being the Love Don’t Judge project, an initiative she created by manufacturing habit making bracelets to to bring more love and acceptance as opposed to judgment throughout the school systems.

Tara decided to put her education in her own hands and started learning about marketing at a very young age. One of her favorite marketers, Seth Godin, showed up to the nearby University for an event one day. Tara at the time was 16 years old and the event was only for college students and teachers, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her…especially when it comes to seeing her idol who she describes as her “Beyonce”.

And so she snuck in and a chance opportunity came: Seth was sitting right next to her. Being awe-stricken, the first question she asked was if he was real. They talked for a little bit and she told him that she’s read every book and blog post he’s ever written, and that she’s actually 16, snuck in and decided not to go to college…to which he replied by giving Tara his card and saying, “Congratulations.”

This moment was so powerful for Tara for two main reasons:

  1. It sparked the beginning of a mentorship
  2. She felt acknowledged and accepted to live her life passionately, regardless of the status quo’s opinions

This chance meeting with Seth plus the feedback and mentorship she received for him gave her audacity to be authentic to her core. This led her to creating the Under 30 Changemakers: a global community of young doers, makers, misfits and leaders focused on making positive social and global changes.

In this episode, you’ll…

  • Get inspired to step up as the changemaker you are
  • Learn powerful marketing lessons from mentorship with Seth Godin
  • Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with a desired mentor
  • Realize why you should start mentoring people, no matter how young you are

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