Everybody wants it.

When we’re confident, we feel empowered.

We know who we are, what we’re here to do and what we’re capable of.

People buy books, read articles, work with coaches, and use a variety of strategies everyday with the intention of becoming more confident in their life.

And many of these sources have great insights and strategies that are effective…but unfortunately it’s usually a mental or emotional form of confidence, and that doesn’t always last.

All it takes is losing your sense of identity and getting into fearful states for that level of confidence to crumble.

But there is another level of confidence…one that is never-ending and ever-lasting.

A level of confidence where when you live at this level, it keeps growing…and it inspires confidence upon others as well.

But where?

I used to look for the best secrets and strategies for confidence…in fact, one of the first personal development books I read was called The Ultimate Secrets Of Total Self Confidence by Dr. Robert Anthony.

There were some great points there…and it didn’t support me ultimately in having a level of thriving confidence.

Until I remembered…

[quote author=”Adam Siddiq” source=””]Raw confidence thrives at your Soul.

At your Soul you know who you are, you know what you’re made of, and you know the gifts you’re here to contribute to the world.

And that’s undoubtedly.

The Mind will play the games of doubt, worry, fear, and anxiety.

Your Soul…that’s the invincible, timeless essence that animates your life with love, joy, beauty, and passion.

That’s the “real you”. Your “true self”. Insert New Age terminology for what people are really seeking to connect with.

It’s your Soul that just intuitively knows the truth.

It’s your Soul that knows your gifts and the gifts of others.

It’s your Soul that inspires people.

It’s your Soul that’s timeless.

And it’s your Soul that connects you with all of us to the mothership of life.

Here’s the thing…your Mind seeks, your Soul calls.

Your Mind controls; your Soul experiences.

You’ll never live through your Soul if you’re searching for it through your Mind.

And some of the easiest ways to connect with your Soul include:

  • breathing into your heart
  • seeing someone else for their soul by gazing into their eyes
  • doing that which you passionately love…living in the spontaneity of the moment
  • being gratitude

Now…enjoy this inspiring episode and remember your true nature so that you live your Soulfully Optimized life!

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Did you enjoy this episode?

I want to hear: when was a time you felt the confidence of your Soul?

1 thought on “Where RAW CONFIDENCE Comes From

  1. David

    Indeed! Learning to see through the eyes of gratitude and trust that endless source can’t help but loosen the grip of fear and boost your confidence.

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