Why You DON’T Want To Be Around Like-Minded People

You may have heard that piece of advice to “be around like-minded people”.

You may think you want to be around like-minded people, or you truly may want to.

There’s nothing wrong with being around like-minded people.

But it presents a big challenge in your life…especially if growth is one of your top values.

Tune in below to find out why…

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The core challenge with being around like-minded people all the time is that you get the similar minds sharing similar thoughts doing similar things seeing things in similar ways and making similar decisions…and the challenge with this is there is no growth.

There is no growth because there’s little diversity, and diversity is the portal to growth and abundance.

Truly, you don’t want to be around too many like-minded people.

Instead, you want to be around like-missioned people…and like-valued people…people who share a similar core mission in life and share similar values as you do.

And although it sounds like that may make them like-minded, its coming from a very different perspective that allows everyone to bring forth their own unique, authentic perspectives, ideas, gifts to support the whole group and the greater good in the world.

The best peer groups in the world are not like-minded, they are like-missioned and like-valued…allowing people with different minds, different experiences, different expertise, different backgrounds, and different solutions come forth to create one mega, awesome, integrated group of people focusing on a common mission that improves the world in a powerful way.

Don’t surround yourself with like-minded people, surround yourself with like-missioned and like-valued people who come from a place of energetic richness.

“Energy is the context to all content.” – Donny Epstein



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Now I want to hear from you…

What’s the mission for your life and how will you connect with different-minded, like-missioned people today?