How To Live An E.P.I.C. Life With Alexi Panos

If you want to live an epic life…

If you want to be epic…

If you love the word epic…

You’re going to love my guest today, especially since she’s a Co-Founder of the E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change) movement, which is a non-profit organization that brings safe, clean drinking water to places in the developing world and inspires everyday people in the world to initiate positive change in the world around them.

She’s also an epic YouTuber that has inspires tons of people from around the world with her engaging, animating, and wisdom packed YouTube channel.

And she is the Co-Founder of The Bridge Method and The Bridge Experience, along with her soon to be husband Preston Smiles.

After she returned back from a world on tour of her live transformational events, I had the opportunity to interview Alexi and learn about her story and gain some nuggets of wisdom.

The episode turned out to be nothing less than epic.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How Alexi went from traveling the world singing and performing to traveling the world hosting transformational events
  • How E.P.I.C. was Founded and why you are capable of doing epic things right now
  • How to attract your soul mate
  • How to grow a conscious relationship
  • Why flexibility is key in relationships (and life)
  • Why NOW is the time to live your epic life

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Follow up with Alexi Panos on…


The Bridge Method




Now, I want to hear from you…

What’s one epic thing you’ve procrastinated on doing that you can do right now?


7 thoughts on “How To Live An E.P.I.C. Life With Alexi Panos

  1. Derek

    Great job on the interview.

    This was my first time listening to a podcast from you. It’s Derek Rodenbeck from the nonjobs group.

    Really enjoyed both of you and what you had to say. Would love to hear a follow up at some point. How can I help you? This message is great, and inline with my mission.

    • adamsiddiq Post author

      Thanks Derek! I appreciate the comments and the support. Always great to hear that we are on parallel missions. One thing that’d really help me is sharing the episodes and the podcast with anybody you know that can value from it.

  2. ashley T Yannello

    This was a great episode, Adam. Loved Alexi’s energy and mission!

    Yes to EPIC. Totally enjoyed hearing Alexi’s journey.

  3. Malek

    Love this interview Adam. Great energy and lots of passion in this episode. Good to see two people who are making a difference come together to share what they’re doing. Awesome!

  4. Pierre Stanley Baptiste

    I usually like to listen to podcast , but It was great to watch the YouTube video. Alexi is full of energy. It’s so strange how the universe uses us for the grander mission. She would have never been in Africa if she did not take the opportunity to become a singer. I guess saying YES can lead to greater things than we can ever imagine. This is so true, it’s easy to be wise when we are by ourselves. “Relationship are opportunities to grow.” I love her love story! Everything we attract is a manifestation of who we are.
    Got a ton of value from this episode. Great Guest!

  5. Amanda

    I really admire how Alexi has moved through the different chapters in her life to where she is at now. We never know what one “Yes” will do for us, and where that yes we made a year, three years, or even 5-10 years ago will lead us down the road. This podcast was such a delicious reminder to just say: YES! And while we can’t predict where that yes may lead, we can say that yes with enthusiasm and become the next level of our selves from it. This podcast episode made me excited and gave me chills! Awesome work 🙂

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