The End Of Personal Development (And What Lies Beyond…) With Donny Epstein

Now more than ever, humanity has been on a quest to discover the ideal version they can be.

People want to have meaningful results in their lives.

They want self-awareness, confidence, health, wellness, and to know they have the ability to make a real difference in their lifetime.

Over the past half century, people have pursued different means of personal development resources…be it programs, books, coaches, seminars and retreats to help them achieve these various outcomes.

These means are very effective in helping us to establish and develop sense of self, however the issue comes with wanting certainty in one “sense of self” as opposed to being flexible to redefine the “me” we think we are.

The great irony in life is the Western world is focused too much on wanting to establish a sense of self, where the Eastern world is focused too much on non-self…both being each other’s medicine.

So the question might be…to self or non-self?

The answer is both…each at the right time.

Self only exists as a construct of the Mind, which separates a “sense of self” from everything else.

There is no separation…that’s the great illusion.

The truth is the Mind has it’s limits, and at the end of personal development, life is no longer about a separate “me”, but about the experience of “we”.

In this episode Donny Epstein goes deep in this epic, energizing, wisdom-dropping podcast episode as he explains why we must come to the end of personal development and engage what lies beyond personal development.

Donny has spent the last several decades of his life developing what people like Tony Robbins has said are the most powerful, transformational living strategies in the world.

He created what he did by asking questions like…

How do we create matter from spirit?

What’s our innate signal in the Universe? To the Universe?

Through these questions, Donny found that there are 12 stages of consciousness that take a human being from suffering to community.

He found that there is a field of energy around the body comprised of six Energetic Intelligences.

He found that at the context of all of life, energy is the unit for all change.

And today he’s going to talk about the epi-energetic field, the field of energy around the body that animates and creates us.

By developing an intimate relationship with our epi-field, we can jump up to a new level of consciousness and impact the world in a greater way by bringing more conscious energy out to the field.

Now, let’s dive right into the episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

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Now, I want to hear from you…

What energy state will you claim right now?

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