Waking Up The World With Wake Up World

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If you consider yourself a seeker, you may have stumbled across Wake Up World on social media.

Wake Up World is a media publication with a mission to offer information that they believe will help people to live better, see through the lies, and break down the old ways of thinking and being that no longer serve our society.

They feature content from a range of topics including physical health, emotional and spiritual growth, political and historical awareness, and social and environmental sustainability.

The media publication was founded by Ryan Mullins and Andy Whiteley, and is currently home to a community of over 3.5 million people on Facebook alone. This makes them a prominent name in cannabis marketing and other alternative medicine markets.

The publication opens the eyes of thousands of readers and teaches them all about alternative medicine and its benefits. Not everyone knows about alternative medicine and often have questions, like what is herbal medicine? What is dabbing? and this publication sheds light on those unanswered questions.

Ryan and Andy are not just partners in Wake Up World, but also partners in real life.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the dynamic duo about their mission with Wake Up World.

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Previous to Wake Up World, the two were working for two of the largest corporations in the world.

Ryan joked about this time period, stating how he felt like a fraud in a suit and like the corporate life was eating away at his soul.

He knew he was meant for more, but at the time he didn’t know what that “more” was.

Finally, one day, Ryan couldn’t continue living his life the same way.

He decided to quit his job with a simple plan of taking time for himself to just be.

Andy was still working during the time and supported both of them during Ryan’s transition.

Eventually, Ryan got to a point where he figured he had to go and get a job again.

He applied for over 70 jobs, all which he was certainly qualified for, and yet he was constantly being knocked back.

He’d make it to the final interview and the employers would decide not to hire any of the finalists.

During this time period, Ryan continued to grow more frustrated with the information (and misinformation) that was being blasted 24/7 by mainstream news organizations.

After some time, the fuses finally blew.

Ryan couldn’t take what he was hearing anymore.

Thus, he started Wake Up World: a small, simple blog where he could express his voice and feelings.

His fire fueled him to write every day.

As he continued writing, people started reaching out, thanking him for his messages.

Some of them even asked if they could be contributors.

This is when he realized that there were more people in the world that shared his perspectives, that were seekers, that wanted the truth, and that wanted to change the world into a new paradigm that serves the planet harmoniously.

During this time, Andy had no intention to get involved for Wake Up World.

After he left his corporate job in 2012, he was planning on transitioning to another job.

However, just like Ryan’s experience, Andy kept getting knocked back.

The energy of the situation felt similar, and he knew there was something in the bigger picture happening.

What Andy didn’t expect was that this time period led to his greatest awakening experiences and as he describes, his “dark night of the soul”.

Soon, it was obvious to him that he had to get involved with Wake Up World’s mission…so he joined as Co-Founder, Editor, and Writer.

Fortunately for the duo, Wake Up World’s mission grew exponentially during this time period.

The website and Facebook page were growing not just in readers and followers, but also in conversations revolving awakening.

“People came [to Wake Up World] for the cannabis and stay for the chemtrails,” said Andy as he chuckled. This seems true – many who go to the site look for advice on topicals online, but stay for the content around it.

Today, the platform is a host to millions of readers.

It’s compiled with tons of articles on almost every topic with writers contributing from all around the world.

Although the story sounds like an “overnight success” or a “lucky strike”, Ryan and Andy faced many challenges along the way.

For one, they weren’t technically adept to run a blog in the beginning.

Also, with topics ranging from how cannabis products from places like old 27 lansing can help cancer patients heal to the evidence and dangers of geo-engineering (chemtrails), Wake Up World has been subject to criticism, trolling, cyber attacks and hackers.

Despite all this, the two have gone on to create one of the most massive media platforms in Internet history.

While talking about the challenges they experienced, Andy mentioned that Ryan’s desktop background has a quote that says:

The greatest oak was once a little nut that held it’s ground.

“That’s how Wake Up World started,” said Andy.

The two stood firmly for what they believed in, despite all the criticism and challenges.

Throughout the years, they saw people who trolled them and called them crazy become advocates for what they promoted.

Today, Ryan’s mission with Wake Up World is to get to a point where Wake Up World isn’t needed anymore because the world can see past the illusion.

He ultimately wants the information that’s shared in the world to be about seeing and being the good in the world.

On the other hand, Andy’s mission is to have networks like Wake Up World become the mainstream media, as opposed to alternative media.

He ultimately wants the baseline for information to be truth expressed through the media to be truth.

I asked both Ryan and Andy to recommend some articles for first-time readers, as well as what they perceive as the most important piece of content on Wake Up World.

The Top Articles Ryan & Andy Recommend For First Time Readers:

Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How And Why

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Over 100 Scientific Studies Agree: Cannabis Annihilates Cancer

The Critical Thinking Trap: How The “Conspiracy Theory” Label Undermines The Truth

20 Effective Ways To Clear And Protect Against Negative Energy

Raising Awake Children In A Broken School System

If all the content except for one article on Wake Up World was deleted, this is what Andy would keep:

Individuality And Spirituality In The Age Institutional Rule

If all the content except for one article on Wake Up World was deleted, this is what Ryan would keep:

The War On Consciousness

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