Goals Are Just Bus Stops (Focus On The Journey)

I used to get so angry if I didn’t achieve a goal, and yet, soon afterwards, I’d have a grander focus than that goal.

As this happened more often, I began to realize how much time and energy I’d waste in frustration, thinking about how I didn’t achieve something in a certain timeline…or how I haven’t achieved something yet.

Sometimes that frustration would propel to go for life with more hunger and energy.

Sometimes I’d just stay frustrated and miss out on the opportunities of the moment that surrounded me.

Eventually, I gave up the attachment on my goals.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t stop setting them; there’s a huge value to having clear outcomes.

I just wasn’t as attached, knowing that if I didn’t achieve what I was after, I could just go for something better.

This focus took me away from the structured goal-setting mentality and put my focus more on the journey.

As I focused more on the journey, I witnessed more serendipity and synchronicity.

Wow, I’d think, how could I have forgotten about the magic of life

See, whether we’re conscious of it or not, we’re all so guided.

The people we meet, the ideas we have, the decisions we make – especially when we follow our gut or heart, all of it is part of a bigger play.

I don’t subscribe to the idea that either you’re setting goals and outcomes or you’re all “in the flow”.

They’re both important.

So, focus on the journey, set intentions, set outcomes, set goals, and remember that if you don’t achieve the goal…it’s just a bus stop…and there are more to come.

The goal is never the goal.

The goal is just an excuse to get you into action.

In that action, you move with life and life moves with you.

You’re introduced to new people, places, ideas, and quests that take you to new directions…all for the purpose of collaboratively creating a greater impact for life.

Tune in below for the full perspective:

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