The Gift Of “Negative Emotions”

There is a gift in everything.

I’ve heard so much jargon about “negative” and “positive” – emotions, feelings, vibes, thoughts, etc.

What’s negative to one person can be positive to the other.

And where does negative begin?

Where does positive begin?

Life isn’t black and white.

It’s not about right or wrong.

Negative or positive is just a new way of saying wrong or right.

And, there’s nothing “wrong” about it.

It’s just, often, from what I’ve observed and experienced myself, when we label something as “negative”, we aim to move away from it.

But so often, I’ve observed (and have experienced in the past) that those who tend to label something as “negative” still complain and feel stuck in the same negative…emotion, story, thought pattern, etc.

And so often, if all they did was be with their experience, things just change.

They gain an insight.

They realize (real eyes) something new.

They reconnect.

Magic happens.

Life happens.

And they’re no longer bound by whatever they felt bound by and labeled as “negative”.

If it’s an emotion…it just is experienced, and they’re propelled to be more.

If it’s a thought pattern…they see beyond the illusion of thoughts, and can experience life beyond noise.

The point is, there’s a gift to “negative” emotions.

You don’t want to live there all the time, of course.

But if you’re feeling angry or sad or grief or guilt or whatever, running away from it won’t propel you to your epic destiny.

Being with it and experiencing it as a gift will.

Tune in below to hear the examples I share and more:

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