Forget About Being Liked…Be Love(d); Bonus: The 3 Stages Of Feminine

To live life with an aim to be liked is…

  1. Not authentic. You sacrifice and hide many parts of yourself in order to be accepted.
  2. Not you. If you were being you, you wouldn’t be seeking to be liked by people.
  3. Not fun. It’s just not fun, period.
  4. Not going to lead you to your greatest destiny. It’s not. You’ll be too focused on pleasing others that you’ll ignore the subtle cues that guide you along your journey. You’ll also not say or do what you truly want to do, which is one of the top 5 regrets of the dying.

So, forget about being liked.


Be the LOVE where you go.

Be with those who LOVE you.

You are LOVE.


This episode was inspired by a conversation with a friend.

She was feeling stressed because she wasn’t sure if some people liked her.

This was the advice I gave to her.

I also shared with her the 3 stages of feminine, a concept coined by David Deida.

The feminine is light.

And for light to exist, it must be seen.

When seen, the feminine opens and opens and opens with more radiance.

The first stage feminine seeks to be seen my masculine attention.

This can show up as a woman dressing in provocative ways to lure that attention from men.

The second stage feminine seeks to be seen for things beyond their physical appearance.

This can show up as a woman who puts more focus on career, intelligence, education…who wants to be seen for her accomplishments and knowledge.

The third stage feminine just opens herself up, knowing that the divine masculine presence is always seeing her.

This is a woman who truly leads with love.

She is open, free, flowing, no matter who is around or if anyone is even around.

She shines light everywhere she goes.

Tune into the episode below for more:

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