SHACKLED: A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom – Part 5

Khaled Siddiq was imprisoned for decades at the age of 6.

He lived through hard times with his family members being executed and dying of disease, many of them at a premature age.

After his release from prison, he wasn’t allowed to see his father who was in exile, whom he had only remembered being with once in his life prior to his imprisonment, and even that was a vague memory…like a fading dream.

Throughout his decades of hardship and adversity, he carried an attitude of optimism.

He found optimism by learning and transformed his prison into a school.

Here’s the fifth segment of the SHACKLED interview series.

The SHACKLED interview series will appear here on the blog as well as my podcast and on YouTube.


Khaled: But I thought always positive…I don’t thinking about the past. I was only tried to learn something…to learn something. That was the positive in my life. Never I was negative. I hope that I come free, once, and work for my family. And what was my goal? First from the jail…First, that I come out and go to the Nejat school, this is a German school, a high school. And to pass the test of the 11th class, and then the 12th. And then they send people to Germany or somewhere. If no, I want to go to the medicine facility to become a doctor. A medicine doctor. That was my goal. But I couldn’t work. I couldn’t come out of jail. And then I came out from Qala-e-Futuh (prison), I was working as a German translator. I was working in the Textile Company. That was different work. But always in my life, I tell you Adam jan, I was never negative. Only positive thinking…better, better.

Adam: Did somebody teach you to always focus on the positive?

Khaled: No, the God teach me. That myself.

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My book – SHACKLED: A Journey From Political Imprisonment To Freedom – is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers worldwide.

I wrote SHACKLED alongside my grandpa, as it chronicles his life from being imprisoned for decades when he was six-years-old.

The book has been receiving some incredible praise from readers already.

Here are a few reviews from readers:

A beautiful, spellbinding historical account of Khaled Siddiq’s life with photographs throughout the book. Adam Siddiq, the author, captured the essence, magnificence, and radiance of his grandfather, Khaled Siddiq, in this remarkable and awe-inspiring true story. It takes place in Khaled’s homeland, Afghanistan. A government takeover results in terror used as an instrument to control people, and led to the imprisonment of thousands of political prisoners for many years including the very young Khaled and his many close family members. Khaled’s life, along with his family, was about survival, sorrow, bereavement, injustice, grief, and a love that transcended broken dreams. Adam’s grandfather is the embodiment of resilience powered by patience, hope, and the gift of love bestowed upon him by family and generations of ancestors. He learned patience at a young age, and held on to hope and love while he and his family endured unimaginable hardship, deprivation, and imprisonment. He witnessed indescribable cruelty and inhumanity. This story, for me, was about surviving unending darkness through the light of love. Adam Siddiq, how fortunate you are to be a recipient of your grandfather’s legacy of love.

– Ilaann W.

If you’ve enjoyed books like Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl, or Long Walk To Freedom by Nelson Mandela, or any book or movie or story that has a profound depth to it with overcoming a horrendous situation….you will enjoy reading SHACKLED. Written by Adam, the grandson of Khaled, there’s an extra dimension that makes this book so special.

– Daniel P.

This is an amazing, inspiring, heart-wrenching and heart-opening story of a man who walked in courage and love even amidst the harshest treatment and circumstances from a tender young age. Masterfully and lovingly written by the equally inspiring Adam Siddiq, this book addresses the ultimate question we all face in life: How do we find inner peace and spiritual freedom when faced with hate and difficulty as we walk as human beings in this world? The bond and collaboration between elder and grandson shine through the pages of this book. If only we could all find the courage and honor to share the stories of our elders in such a devoted way.

– Donnaah S.